July 8, 2021


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Migrant employee steals a cycle to succeed in UP, leaves behind sorry observe for proprietor – india information

A migrant employee stole a bicycle in Rajasthan’s Bharatpur to pedal his approach over 250 kilometres to Bareilly, his dwelling, in Uttar Pradesh. Nevertheless, the migrant left behind an apology observe for the cycle proprietor.

Mohammad Iqbal stole a cycle from Rarah village of Bharatpur district from the home of Sahab Singh late on Monday evening. Singh discovered the letter whereas sweeping the veranda of his home. HT managed to get an image of the observe.

“Main majdoor hun, majboor bhi. Main aapka gunehgar hu. Aapki cycle lekar ja raha hu. Mujhe maaf kar dena. Mujhe Bareily tak jana he. Mere pass koi sadhan nahi he aur viklang baccha hai (I am your culprit. But, I am a laborer and also helpless. I’m taking your bicycle. Forgive me. I have no other means to reach and I have a specially-abled child. I have to go to Bareilly),” learn Iqbal’s handwritten observe in Hindi.

Rarah is a gram panchayat which falls on the border between Rajasthan and Uttar Pradesh.

Because the nationwide lockdown, and with restricted means to go dwelling, tons of of migrant staff have set on foot to succeed in dwelling.

“The incident reflects the helplessness of the labourers and the failure of the governments. Before imposing the lockdown, the government should have arranged transport facilities for them so that they could have reached their native places. But it didn’t happen. Many labourers are hungry for months. They cannot feed themselves nor their family members,” stated Rajeev Gupta, a sociologist.

Gupta added that the house owners and the contractors for whom these labourers labored didn’t deal with them nicely.

“They were neither given food nor pending wages. That’s why people are forced to do things which may be legally wrong. Because of the ignorant attitude of the state, it is happening for the first time in the country that people are moving to villages from cities. Generally, people from villages migrate to big towns in search of employment and opportunities,” Gupta stated.

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