May 7, 2022


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Vitamin D reduces risk of dying from Covid-19: DAK

Vitamin D reduces danger of dying from Covid-19: DAK

Srinagar, Might 22: In case you have wholesome ranges of vitamin D, you’re much less prone to get extreme illness from the novel coronavirus, mentioned Docs Affiliation Kashmir (DAK) on Friday in a communiqué.

“Having adequate levels of vitamin D reduces your risk of dying from Covid-19,” mentioned DAK President Dr Nisar ul Hassan.

“People with low levels of vitamin D are at increased risk of dying if they contract the novel virus,” he mentioned.

Quoting a examine printed in Irish Medical Journal, Dr Nisar mentioned nations like Spain and Italy, although sunny have excessive charges of vitamin D deficiency and have skilled a number of the highest Covid-19 an infection and loss of life charges on the planet.

“These countries do not fortify food or recommend supplementation with vitamin D and people avoid sun,” he mentioned.

“Conversely, countries like Norway, Finland and Sweden despite less sunlight exposure have higher vitamin D levels and have lower Covid-19 infection and deaths,” Dr Nisar mentioned.

“The high levels of vitamin D found in these Nordic countries are due to consumption of cod liver oil and vitamin D supplements and possibly less sun avoidance,” he mentioned.

Dr Nisar mentioned vitamin D deficiency is broadly prevalent in Kashmir valley due to much less publicity to daylight.

“Deficiency is more prevalent in elderly and in people with underlying medical conditions and they are the ones who are prone to complications and death from Covid-19,” he added.

Dr Nisar mentioned majority of Covid-deaths happen on account of cytokine storm, a hyperinflammatory situation attributable to an overactive immune system which severely damages the lungs and results in acute respiratory misery syndrome and loss of life.

“Not only does vitamin D enhances our innate immune system, it also prevents our immune system from becoming dangerously overactive,” he mentioned.

Dr Nisar mentioned one of the best ways to make sure that folks have enough ranges of vitamin D is to take the vitamin dietary supplements at presently really useful ranges.

“The recommended daily vitamin D supplement intake is 400-800 International Units or 10-20 micrograms, but during this Covid crisis a supplement containing 1000-2000 IU daily would be reasonable,” he mentioned.

“Vitamin D can also be obtained from eating foods such as fish, egg-yolk, mushrooms and cheese,” mentioned Dr Nisar (KNT)

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